Friday, February 12, 2010

our love story: i hate clowns

valentines day always makes me a little gushy and romantic. i've always been a bit of a "fairy tale" girl. every year for this sweet holiday i bring out this ring and wear it. in high school a boy surprised me with it, and i have cherished it ever since.

i hate clowns with a fiery passion. i am terrified of them in fact, and have had many funny encounters with them over the years. so my high school boyfriend played a joke on me. all day at school he kept telling me he had a big surprise that i would get at the basketball game that night. he came into the gym carrying his backpack with a curly rainbow clown wig hanging out of it. i was mortified. i had visions of clown telegrams singing -then of course eating me. (logically because that is what clowns do)

he walked right up to me and pulled a little burgandy box out of that back pack.

*swoon* i still love that boy with all of my heart! and hate clowns.

awww! how cute are we? we were 16 or 17 in this picture.