Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Gourmet Burger" Bar

For Joey's 9th Birthday extravaganza she only really wanted two things. 1. For it to be glamorous and all about her. 2. To have the DIY "burgers" we saw one sick day at home on Live! with Kelly and Michael. (click the link to watch the video for more adorable ideas!) It was easy to do, inexpensive, and unique. While most adults did not want to eat them, it was fun to make them regardless!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Joey's 9th Red Carpet Birthday

We celebrated my oldest's birthday earlier in August. She came up with the theme for "red carpet." She always has the idea, then let's me run with it (which I adore about her, plus she is so cute). Her Auntie took her for a makeover before hand and she looked the part as she came up the red carpet! Which by the way, is just red plastic table cloth duct taped to the sidewalk. 


All photo credits go to the lovely Sasha. 
Her website coming soon at Seymour of Life Photography.