Friday, August 13, 2010

reason to revel friday: puppy party part 1

i had just a few more pictures i wanted to share. i made a banner with american craft thickers and lost a few of them in transport. matt helped me find them all but apparently we didn't get the 'j' on there very well. so "happy birthday oey" it is. i am SUPEr inspired by all the lovely posts of amy atlas, and while my little 2 dessert table pales in comparison to anything on her blog i thought it was perfect for my daughter's 5th birthday party.

part two here

reason to revel friday: puppy party

we had a puppy themed party for our daughter's 5th birthday last night. it was tons of fun to put together. i have so many cute pictures i will have to do 2 posts! all the kids had puppy ears, and i put a pink bow on joey's so she would be extra special. my lovely mom baked all the cupcakes so i just had to decorate. joey cut out bones from fondant for the tops. i made some messy but very tasty sugar cookies decorated like tennis balls, and we filled dog bowls with snacks!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

sweet packaging

i love my new polka dot packaging (tags, ribbon and biz cards). i hope to revise the web design to coordinate. these were my flourish invites with custom map insert for a lovely june bride. i have so many ideas and want to list compelete wedding sets in my store. i just need to find the time for a photo shoot. but, this hungry hungry hippo is always occupying my time. i don't mind so much-she is so snuggly!