Friday, June 18, 2010

gone too long

time has certaintly gotten away from me. life has been full and crazy lately and kept me away from my little biz and blog. i'm sure not too many people check in here, but soon i hope to change that.

things that kept me away include being very very pregnant with baby girl #2. she is still nameless, which is scary because she should be here anytime, a very beautiful and fun 4 1/2 year old adjusting to life as a big girl (preschool graduation and her first dance recital), and the big one a new house. moving was quite the adventure, and we have the best parents in the world (all 3 sets) because it would not have happened with out them!

we've been there for one month now, and it feels a little like home now. baby has a room of her own that is ready to go. not being able to nest was really challenging, but i feel much better now that she has somewhere to lay her head.

just when things seem to be settling down and feeling warm and safe i had to say good bye to one my bestest friends ever. I will miss your sweet face little minnie!