Friday, October 29, 2010

halloween = love

i adore halloween! and whats better than it being on a weekend. i am super excited because we recently moved to a sweet little culdesac that is apparently the bomb trick-or-treat neighborhood. our old neighborhood was dark, and pretty unfriendly so we got less than a dozen kids. i learned last night our friends bought 12 bags of candy last year and ran out! 12 bags!

i have been working on joey's "vampire fairy" costume here and there. i broke out my new sewing machine (gifted by a crafty goddess, thank you shim you are awesome!) and love it! tonight it gets put to use making the red and black cape. i will post pictures because it is sure to be an interesting costume.

my mom worked her crafty magic last night to turn a plain baby monkey costume into pure awesome-ness. can't wait to put it on charlie! i was just going to add a pink bow, but mom's accessories are WAY better! yes- that is wings and a tiny fez so she can be a wizard of oz flying monkey!

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  1. oh mai, i am giddy to see the costumes! hurrah for the land of halloween!