Monday, April 2, 2012

rock chalk jayhawk cupcakes

It would be nice if I were better at taking pictures because these look so much better than these photos do! Joey wanted to make KU cupcakes after watching Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, she absolutely loves that show and immediately started think of ideas. She is so creative (*proud mommy*). 

We divided our batter into thirds and added food coloring so there would be crimson and blue suprise in the middle. She had fun adding all the drops (it took about 15-20 red and about 12 blue to get a dark enough color) and stirring. We then poured some white into each cup then piped the colors in through baggies with the end cut off. It worked really well.
Unfortunately on the way to the party I bumped the container and most of them tumbled sideways so I could not show the finished products.

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