Tuesday, January 29, 2013

one little word to guide me through this year...

For years I read about Ali Edwards One Little Word, and find it very inspiring. I have been reading some new to me blogs that also participate. January rolls around and my mind starts racing, making plans, dreaming up projects and it does not stop all year. Most of the time though I find myself at the end of the year wondering  what did I get done on those "to do" lists in my head, and the answer is usually nothing. I have spent the past 3 years just surviving. living life everyday, driving, working, cooking, taking care of kids and dogs. 

This year I find I want more. In so many aspects of life. I want to be more active, more engaged with the kiddos, love more, create more. I wrote the goals down that immediately came to mind the first week of January- I have even done some of them! So I thought if I made a commitment to document more of my life here on this blog, it would keep me motivated. Thought if I could pick one word myself to always keep in mind that perhaps I could do more this year. I chose cultivate simply because I like that word better than grow. I want to cultivate a more fulfilled life. I want to actually DO the things I dream up rather than leave them dreams. 

It sounds overwhelming even writing it but I am talking small stuff that can hopefully lead me to feel like I did more this year. Example- I want to work on our house, make it awesome. Big lofty, aimless goal right? So I made a list of little things I have always wanted to do- that are absolutely achievable. I actually have at least 3 lists for different things right now. All full of small steps to help me cultivate a more fulfilled life. I am very excited because I am working on it - rather than putting it off. That is key for me. 

Making myself accountable in 2013! This is start of the list- it has 8 things on it now.
And we completed two of them!

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